Creative Consult

Creative consultants work one-on-one with clients throughout the content development process. They are responsible for providing clients with updates each step of the way, which requires digital or in-person communication. In creative industries, frequent revision and editing is a major part of content development. A creative consultant is a person brought into a project to add insights from an artistic, syncretic perspective. They are the left brain to business's right brain. Creative consultants also work in fashion, helping designers with specific details of outfits, and occasionally designing an entire minor line, such as accessories.


Because so many fields can benefit from creative consultants, they may find themselves working in many different industries. It's common to see creative consultants thanked in movie credits, for example, where a story consultant was brought in to punch up a script. A design consultant may design an unforgettable logo, or a scientific creative consultant might imagine what life on other planets is like or create an alien language. Television consultants are common, adding expert perspective to shows about complex issues such as hacking or international politics. It can be fun work, and you might even score a cameo.

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